Interactive movement and massage therapy

It is a combination of body centered human development and movement education, a technique founded by Agnes. It is an integrated system of bodywork and somatic education formed on the idea that the mind and body are inseparable. Hellerwork encourages the patient to develop a great connection between the body and mind.

This can be achieved through combining movement education with deep tissue bodywork and massage.

One-on-one treatment sessions

We offer sessions called Awareness Through Massage & Movement.

These lesson invite an individual exploration of massage and movement, with conscious breathing. Practitioners are adept at making considerations for all levels, to avoid pain and perform movements within comfortable ranges. We using few yoga exercises, and breathing techniques.

The movements are generally subtle and slow, are intended to support health and health conditions.

Massage, Movement, and Mindfulness-Based Approaches

Massage is as varied as the therapist.

Massage therapy may also satisfy social and mental health benefits while managing pain symptoms.Massage can improve sleep, contributing to a positive outlook on life, and touch has been shown to increase social bonds and cooperative behaviors.


Pain is the most common complaint we see in our massage practices today

Pain altering posture, and reducing one’s ability to participate in daily activities. Fear of movement and the resulting isolation eventually make it difficult for the person in pain to reach out for help. Those individuals with chronic pain are often disappointed with conventional medicine. Frequently, clients in pain come to us as a last resort. 1 in 5 adults suffer from pain and that another 1 in 10 adults are diagnosed with chronic pain each year.     

Alternative Massage Terapy

Every + Half an Hour 

30 min.

Chf 60,-

Head and Neck

30 min. 

Chf 60,-

Therapeutic back massage

45 min.

Chf 80,-

Foot massage ( Reflexology )

30 min.

Chf 80,-

Ayurveda treatments

Ayurvedic chakra balance 

with therapic candels

30 min. 

Chf 100,-

Relaxing whole body

60 min.

Chf 100-

Psy Touch - One-in -One

Awareness Through

Massage, Breathing and Movement

60 min. 

Chf 140,-